How Did The Industrial Revolution Change Throughout History

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Throughout history there has been many events that have changed the course of human existence. One of these several events was the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution helped transformed the world from a crude, slow, and labor-intensive place into the fast paced and efficient world of today. It had different effects on every region it hit and although it started in England, the revolution eventually spread to almost every corner of the Earth, including North America, the Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe. The Industrial Revolution all began in Europe with the textile industry (Amundson 2015). It transformed a country that once relied primarily on agriculture into a country with factories and crowded cities (Owen). With the recent…show more content…
Transportation of goods and people by boat was revolutionized completely and boats moved cargo much more efficiently than they ever had before. Although the steam engine boat was a very useful form of transportation, it was in the shadow of a much bigger one, railroads. The invention of the railroad system was one of the biggest and most useful inventions at the time. It completely revolutionized the shipping of goods and transportation. The first railroad to run completely on steam powered engines was the Liverpool and Manchester Railway that was constructed in 1830. Soon after, almost every European country was building railroads, connecting Europe in a way most people never thought was possible. With thousands of miles of railroads being built, companies needed large amounts of steel to build the tracks and steam engines. Steel mills and mines started popping up all over England and people flocked from all around to fill the positions at the new factories. A country once dominated by agriculture began to grow into an industrialized super power. Unfortunately, with all this growth and innovation there was a downside. To fuel the textile industry a large amount of cotton was needed and one of England’s

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