The Scream

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a) Edvard Munch is the artist of the painting “The Scream”. Interestingly, there are 4 versions of this painting made. The most well known painting is from 1893 that is made from a technique called tempera that is used by mixing a color pigment with emulation miscible such as egg yolk. It was created during the expressionism period using mixed media of tempera, oil paints and pastels on cardboard. A physics and astronomy professor in Texas had proven that the red twilight sky in the painting is cause by the 1883 explosion of the volcano Krakatoa in Indonesia. From November 1883 to February 1884, it had an impact in Europe that causes the sky to turn into a vivid red twilight. Even though scholars have disputed this theory, it is still valid.…show more content…
The head itself is not balanced because the shape is irregular, such as the bottom part of the face that has a very steep angle. I believe that the main form of the painting is asymmetrical because there is no symmetry in the painting, but the background is facing the face of the man such as the river’s direction is to the man’s body and the bridge’s edge is all directing to the man. It is also a main form because the clothing and skin color of man is unique, using darker colors than the background. The main form is located in the middle of the painting on the man’s face in the afternoon because it has light color, and it is unique from the other parts of the painting. There are negatives in this painting, such as the balanced with the shape, color, density of the painting and also the shape overall. There are also special rhythms in the element of art because there were balanced sequence or the connections between colors or elements. The proportions are very visible such as the bridge’s size or the background men with its head and unusually tall body and that some of it is exaggerated because it connects the relationship between the quantity and size such as his face and its proportion. The most dominant visual elements are color, shape and texture because I think that it is what makes the painting unique, such as its unique color that are very uncommon in that time (it is considered rebellious and it represents
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