What Is The Genre Of Wes Craven's Scream?

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In the late 1990’s Scream made its debut. Scream which was directed by the great Wes Craven, drew inspiration from previous slasher films, making it a satire of the slasher genre. One weekend, again staying at my dad’s house we decided to watch the Scream trilogy. I remember telling dad that I wanted to watch a mystery, like a detective movie, so he decided a slasher would be just the thing. He is also in great favour of anything with a series, so when the first film is finished you do not have to decide what to watch next, you just put the next disc in. Even though Scream is a satire of previous slashers before it, it had a new element. This new element was that you did not know who the killer was. The killer was disguised head to toe in a

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