Tell Tale Heart Narrator

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The narrator of the “Tell Tale Heart” is also the main character of the short story. The narrator is an unnamed man who tries to convince the readers that he is completely normal, while he is describing the murder he committed. The narrator believes that he is not insane because he can describe the murder calmly and perfectly. However, the narrator is a wreck and he is physically and mentally ill. He has a disease that “sharpens” his senses, but the truth is the disease messes with his senses making them very sensitive. The disease may also make it hard for the narrator to sleep, and that is why he stalked the old man so much. However, in “Tell Tale Heart,” The narrator goes through a series of events leading up to the murder of the old man…show more content…
Even though the three police men do not have any true characteristics, they are extremely important. They waste no time after the neighbor complains about a scream; they get to the house immediately. Since the three policemen get to the house immediately it shows they truly care about the situation. The three policemen are cautious, responsible, and determined about their job and what they do. When the three policemen arrive at the house the narrator explains that the old man is out of town and he sometimes screams while he is asleep. The three police men seem to stick around after the narrator gives them a tour of the house, showing the three police men were very suspicious of the narrator. However, after a while the narrator convinces the cops nothing was going on he decided to lead them to the bedroom. The narrator ending up leading them to the bedroom where he killed the old man. The narrator thought he was smarter than he cops. He believed that taking them to the very bedroom that he committed the murdered, and the cops were above the body made him smarter than the cops because they had no idea. However, the narrator starts to freak out about a ticking noise and he ends up telling on himself. The narrator freaks out stating the sound is coming from the old man’s heart, and the three police men had no idea what he was talking about but decided to check it out and they found the old man’s
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