The Scorpions: A Short Story

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It was a cold, sharp snowy evening, and the night that was too much for Richard Blood, who was mourning another snowy night, the one where Abby, his wife and the mother of his beloved daughter Madison, died. It was also the night that Rick and Abby Blood had been two of the six operatives who were part of The Scorpions, the elite team of Strike CORE, chosen to go on a dangerous and highly secret mission behind the Iron Curtain. The other four operatives were expert marksman Wendell Beveridge, the Blood's neighbours and small arms specialists Phillip and Ellie Awdry, and the team's Commander, Oliver Carthage. The situation was critical, as the East German dictator, Erich Honecker, with the backing of the Soviet Union and its allies, had been…show more content…
Fourth target has gone out of line of fire.” The fourth soldier opened fire, and no one was unable to get a clear shot on him. “Copy that. Scorpions, do you have an update on your situation?” “Oh, no. Joe, a truck just pulled up about 100 yards ahead of us on our two o'clock. Both squads, go forward, and keep your eyes peeled.” When the reinforcements came onto the road, it was visible that matters could hardly be worse, as it was the Stasi. Carthage swore under his breath, and turned to the others. The soldiers ran onto the road, cutting off their path. With the situation becoming a very serious one, and the surrounded Scorpions staring World War III in the face, Carthage barked “Take them out. HQ, this is Carthage, it seems that the checkpoint has been locked down, we are in deep trouble. We need snipers at the end of the track exiting the forest and on the bank of the river that runs near the airfield. They have a clear line of fire, and would also provide cover for the squad.” As the gun battle raged on, Joe responded “Copy, Commander Carthage. Extraction chopper requested: Chopper ETA 35 minutes. Still making good time in the
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