How Did Benjamin Franklin Change America

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Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of America, was a brilliant man and knew what he wanted out of life. He was a smart man at a young age and grew only to become a man of many talents. Benjamin was one of many who have changed America in ways that affect us today. Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in The Massachusetts Bay Colony, known today as Boston. He was born in big family. His father, Joshia, had seventeen kids with two wives. Benjamin was the fifteenth and last son he had with his second wife, Abiah. As a child Benjamin was a bright child but at age ten his father pulled him out of school to work at his candle shop. Benjamin did not like this, so at age twelve his father made him work for his brother, James, at his…show more content…
Benjamin also helped draft and ratify the U.S Constitution. He also helped try to abolish slavery. Benjamin Franklin Died in 1790 in his daughter, Sarah, home. Benjamin had many talents that were not left behind. The invention of electricity was an important part of U.S history and electricity is something we still use today in everyday use. His face is now on the hundred dollar bill and it fits perfect because he was a man of hundreds of talents. The legacy and why he was important have many of the same reasons. This man was a very important person in the United States not only because of his inventions but because of how smart he was. His drive to do things and his will to get things done. If it was not for his drive on his writings and his scientific pursuits we would probably not be the country we are today. He made himself known for his achievements and out himself in the top to be one of the few to draft the Declaration of Independence or Articles of Confederation. He led many victories with his words and encouragement. Benjamin was not only the creator of the first lending library but also the first non-religious college. Today people are not as driven making things better for the world. We do have those who are but it will not compare to the man he was. He was the best in many things and in today’s world, many people are set one only one
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