The Pearl 'And The Treasure Of Lemon Brown'

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People often believe in certain things but they often change their beliefs because of experiences they had had or will have. In the novel The Pearl , written by John Steinbeck, and the fictional short story “The treasure of Lemon Brown,” written by Walter Dean Myers. This is exactly what happens. A man finds a pearl and tries to sell it, but instead kills a man trying to protect it. When running away his baby was shot by a tracker, and Kino learns money isn’t important, and throws the pearl back into the water. Greg wants to play basketball but his dad won’t let him because of his grades. He sneaks out and meets Lemon Brown. Lemon Brown shows Greg his treasure and tells him that his dad only wants the best for him. Kino and Greg both begin their stories with a sense of what's important in life, and as these stories continue their beliefs change.…show more content…
“It wasn’t often the \scorpions took on new players, especially fourteen- year old, and this was a chance of a lifetime for Greg”(Myers 17). This shows Greg thinks that basketball is the most important thing in his life right now, but it isn’t and he will figure that out. Playing with the scorpions would change Greg's life, but he can’t play because of his grades. So in order to play he has to bring his grades up. “In Kino’s head there was a strong now, clear,soft and if had been able to speak of it, he would have called Song of Family”(Steinbeck 2). This shows that when Kino is with his family a song comes to his head, Kino thinks his family is the most important in his small simple life. He isn’t allowed to speak of the song, but he wishes he could because of how much he loves his small family. Kino and Greg have something that they think is important to them and soon they will go through experiences that will change their

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