The Pearl Symbolism Essay

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The novella “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck is a powerful and moving story in only 90 pages. Though it is short, it is jammed pack with important symbols to study and lessons to be learned. In the story Coyotito, Kino Juana, the pearl, and the structure of the society Kindo lives in are very important symbols in the novella. In this novella the author’s use of symbols is as important, some could even argue more, than the characters of the novella itself. One of the most important symbols in the novella and a major focus is the “Pearl Of The World”. Originally when Kino is looking for pearls, his wife is just hoping to get enough to heal her sick child, Coyotito. However when they find this great pearl, Kino aspires for more than just enough money to heal his child. He instead starts wishing for his son to go to school, him to buy a rifle, and for him and Juanna to get married in a church. This pearl is a symbol for wealth and what it can do to a person. Suddenly Kindo is not satisfied with what he had before and becomes greedy and wants more, this is a huge symbol for what greed can do to someone.. His neighbors see him becoming greedy and say “A foolish madness came over him so that he spoke foolish words.” (Steinbeck 26)…show more content…
His society is a symbol for the worst of ours. Kino has to hunt for the pearl because the doctor will not treat Coyotito unless he can be paid for it. After Kino finds the pearl and the doctor comes to his home, it is implied in the novella that the doctor poisoned Coyotito so he can be paid even more. Kino’s mind was “hard and suspicious and he was remembering the white powder”. (Steinbeck 33) This also is a symbol for how our society uses the uneducated sometimes and makes it so they can not better themselves or get an education. Steinbeck writes
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