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In the novel One Deadly Sister, Rod Hoisington tells a mysterious story of a man named Ray Reid that has some serious problems with women. The story is written as a murder mystery and categorized as a woman sleuth with lots of different writing elements. In this critical review of One Deadly Sister the summary, main supports/arguments, qualities, objectives, and interpretations from the author will be evaluated. The story’s plot is very well developed, its almost as if the author knew exactly what to write to keep the reader glued to the book all the way to the end of the book. There were twists, turns, and deception all throughout the story. The author also came up with some entertaining characters that just made the story superficial. This novel stays bubbly with its unidentified killer and doesn’t have unexpected drops or unexciting predicaments. Hoisington starts the book off with the character Ray Reid calling his sister Sandy Reid from a jail in Florida. When she answers the call and he tells her where he is she immediately tells him to “go to hell” and hangs up the phone,…show more content…
He moved to Florida after a horrible divorce from a wife that wouldn’t even kiss him but took his house, money, and even his dog. He was new in town so one of his co-workers Meg Emerson invites him to a party that started it all. At the party a woman named Lorain Dellin walked up and immediately asked if he would take her home and he agrees. A week later she phones him sounding frantic and asking him to meet her at a local motel. He arrives and she’s poolside in a bikini and tells him that she’s committed a murder. He snatches her by the arm and takes her to the motel room so she can further explain herself without any witnesses around. She tells him that her best friend was raped and that a man named Sonny Barner and that she was going to call the cops but by that time it was already to late because she shot and killed

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