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According to the blog of Williams (2010), the Hallmark Entertainment's Jason and the Argonauts mini-series was directed by Nick Willing (Alice in Wonderland, Tin Man). It originally aired in two parts on May 7 and 8, 2000. It's very long at about 180 minutes. It has an all-star, international cast including Jason London as Jason, Jolene Blalock as Medea, Dennis Hopper as Pelias and Frank Langella as Aertes. It also stars Ciaran Hinds, Brian Thompson, Derek Jacobi and Natasha Hesntridge. Most of the cast is quite strong. London is a decent Jason, Langella is excellent as always and Thompson makes a great Hercules. These Hallmark Entertainment films, produced by Robert Halmi, Sr. and Robert Halmi, Jr. are really great. Ambitious for television,…show more content…
It has a universal theme that let the readers relate their lives, culture and situation in the story; it is based on Carl Jung’s theory of collective unconscious. Collective unconscious is a term of analytical psychology, coined by Carl Jung. It is proposed to be a part of the unconscious mind, expressed in humanity and all life forms with nervous systems, and describes how the structure of the psyche autonomously organizes experience. In the story of Jason and the Argonauts the Greek mythology is very evident like the appearance of the gods and goddesses, and other creatures that can be related in myth. This film also shows Immortality as one component of the mythological approach. Immortality can be seen in the form of the Golden Fleece wherein even after the death of Phrixus the Golden Fleece is still known and being chased by the different heroes. The main characters also have their different archetypes. First, the character of Jason portrayed the hero of quest archetype, because of the acceptance of the challenge to get the Golden Fleece through finding and passing the hardest challenges just to reach the land of Colchis. While the character of Medea play the role of a helper-maiden archetype, which is evident in her actions in helping Jason to be…show more content…
According to the Myths and Heroes website, they discussed that it is a classic story of betrayal and vengeance and like many Greek myths has a tragic ending. It begins when Pelias, the cousin of Jason, killed his father and the mother of Jason decided to give him to a centaur that hides him away into Mt. Pelion. When Jason reaches the age of 20, he decided to go back to his hometown and regain his throne. At a nearby river, Hera the Queen of the Gods approaches him disguised as an old woman. While carrying her across the river he loses a sandal and arrives at court wearing only one. Pelias becomes aware of Jason’s present and feel nervous because of what the oracle said about the person who will dethrone him. Jason talked to him about the ruling of the kingdom and Pelias dared him to accomplish first the task to prove his worth. The task is for Jason to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Jason was determined to get his throne that’s why he agreed to Pelias and assembled a quest together with the Argonauts and sailed using Argo. The first destination of the Argonauts is the Greek Isle of Lemnos, populated only by women. The group of Jason is not aware that these women are murderer of their own husband which later on tried to kill them all. After many more adventures, the Argo passes Constantinople, heading for the Straits of Bosphorus. Ancient Greeks believed

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