Women's Roles In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is a translated book and was a movies as well. The Odyssey is a sequel to the Iliad; it is about how a vain king , Odysseus, was sent out to battle the same day his son was born. He had told his wife that if he shall not return she must remarry, and give the kingdom to his son once he had grown his first beard. The war that Odysseus was sent to was called the Trojan War, and this battle took 10 years to fight. With given advice from Athena, Goddess of war strategy, they had won this war. The vain king was convinced that he had won the war without the help of the gods. With many difficulties on his way back to kingdom there was trouble in his home, all of his men had died in different situations, and he returned home on another mans ship. In all understanding we can really see that women in Ancient Greece were valued for their care giving, sexual relation, but were not given the respect they deserved, women in the Greece society…show more content…
According to “Historylink101.com”. History Source LLC. Eric Ryder.©2000-2014.Web. Women were under the control and protection of their fathers, husbands, or a male relative for their entire lives. In modern time we can see that young women are yet still under the protection of their parents, until a certain extent. By the age of 18 girls are able to move away from their parents, yet their parents have little restriction over their daughters. Ancient Greece Women had no exact role in certain areas like: politics, education, and fighting at war. Females had very little education, especially in Sparta. Young women were would help their mother maintain the home and other household duties. In politics women had no role at all, because they did not have the same privileges men did. Although Athena is Goddess of war strategy she was smart when it came to finding out ways to win the war, but she, herself was not able to fight in

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