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Comparing Three Mythical Stories To Find Their Difference Between Then And Now The Popul Vuh is the Mayan story of creation. The Mayans believe that Hero Twins Xbalanqué and Hunahpú created them. It provides a narrative that accounts for the creation of all living beings in the world. Like the biblical creation story, Animals were first related, and then human beings. While the Popul Vuh is interesting for it’s insight into the ancient Mayan people, it is also interesting in it’s context of other mythical stories which emerged from other cultures after they had grown to the size of a full-blown civilization. One of the most important stories of any people is how they came to exist. Looking at the Popul Vuh, The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Odyssey, it is clear that people of these traditions saw their gods on a much closer realm than do religions in our modern cultures. In these stories, religion and culture are interwoven so that it is difficult to distinguish one from the other.…show more content…
The narrator says that he is one-third human and the remainder divine. He processed the strength of a god. The epic of Gilgamesh has a creation and destruction story that involves a great flood when the gods of Gilgamesh decide to destroy all humans. People within this story interact with gods as other characters. These people had a different conception of the divine as modern cultures, and people moved and communicated with gods. The Epic of Gilgamesh is an epic tale surrounding the protagonist king, Gilgamesh. The people in this culture believed that it was the king’s responsibility to treat them fairly. They are unhappy with him, and they appeal to a higher power, the goddess of creation, which creates a foil, Enkidu, for Gilgamesh. A good person in this story is someone who

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