Achilles Shield

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The shield of Achilles is a very important symbol in Greek history and culture. It portrays a short story of the Achaeans versus the Trojans in the Trojan War. The Shield depicts how the Greeks view the world and life. From the earth, sea sun, moon, and stars to their sheep the shield describes it all. Hephaestus built the shield before he built the earth. He built the Shield with many precious metals such as bronze, tin, gold, and silver. After building the shield part, he then built the outer edge and made it glisten in the light, and after all of that was done he built a sturdy and wonderfully crafted strap. He also put designs on it symbolizing many things such as a city at war, a city at peace, Earth, sea, moon, and stars, and many other things. Each of these has many different meanings. The city at peace and the city at war both represent Greece and Troy. One of the cities (the city at peace) is filled with joyful dancing and feasting. The other city (the city at war) is filled with turmoil, armies marching through the streets, and hardships. Turmoil does surround each city though. In one fights break out and the people are brought to judges. In the other armies are fighting each other. Although one city has more of it both cities are infected with the death. Both the city at peace and the city at war are very important to Greek history.…show more content…
This shows that agriculture played a major part in Greek life. Agricultural was one of the main sources of Greek food and life. They would also use the cows that they grew to slaughter as sacrifices to the gods. Homer also mentions of the sacrifices in his earlier book Odyssey. Odysseus, Telemachus and many other people who lived in Greece would slaughter cows, hogs, and oxen as sacrifices to the gods. These sacrifices were very crucial because if they did not sacrifice the gods would be unhappy and bring down harm on them. Therefore agriculture was vital to Greek

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