The Replicants In Blade Runner

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Throughout human existence we have been seeking answers to define why we exist and what it means to exist. The human race has attempted to define what it means to be human, claiming that there are basic emotions that humans feel that make them human. There are many explanations and definitions of what it means to be human but none of them are exactly the same, there is not one thing that specifically defines what it means to be human. In the movie Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott and released in 2007, humans are defined by their ability to feel emotions, while anyone suspected of being a Replicant is put through a test to see if their emotions are human. Blade Runner suggests that being human means having what is considered real emotions.…show more content…
The Replicants in Blade Runner are AI’s that very closely resemble a human. There is only one way to tell a human apart from a Replicant and that is putting them through a series of questions to stimulate an emotional response and closely watching the eyes of the person they are interviewing. Blade Runner defines humans through their capability to feel emotions and that Replicants are incapable of feeling emotions the same ways that a human does. To say that to be human means to feel emotions in a specific way would be limiting and not quite realistic since emotions are a complex concept. There are many psychology theorists who have tried to define basic emotions that humans feel but have not been able to agree on all the same emotions, John Watson says that the basic emotions for a human are fear, love and rage while Weiner and Graham claim that happiness and sadness are the only basic emotions for a human. Near the end of the movie Blade Runner Pris is killed and when Batty finds her body the emotions that he expresses are sadness and rage so according to theorists Batty should be considered

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