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Michael Armacost Jana Schurig Film 2100 Film Analysis: Blade Runner 11/30/2014 Ridley Scott’s dystopian science fiction film Blade Runner is a film that has been under constant analysis ever since its release in 1982. This is a dark and cautionary tale about our future. The film takes place in 2019 Los Angeles, but it looks nothing like the world we know today. Everything is dark with thousands of neon lights. The sun is never seen throughout the entire film and most of the planet seems dead. Industry has moved in and killed most life on Earth. Many animals are extinct and people have invented robotic versions of these animals that look like the real thing. Earth is becoming a useless planet to humans and many are beginning to leave. Ads are…show more content…
Roy, Leon, Zhora, and Pris all came to Earth together and they treat each other like they are a family. Their relationships seem so close that you often don’t think of them as robots. Roy and Pris have a close relationship, and as you watch them you almost think this is very comparable to a human relationship. They seem completely inseparable. All of them want to protect each other, and want nothing but vengeance against those who have harmed one of them. While searching for them Deckard is able to find Zhora whom he eliminates. Leon comes upon the scene and finding what happened. We are given a medium shot of him looking in on the scene from behind a police car. His hair is up in the air and his eyes are huge because of the huge shock of losing a member of his family. Deckard gets away from the scene, and Leon then quickly pounces upon him when he is alone only to lose his life in the process from another replicant. Leon has the very human attribute of desperately longing to have a family. In the beginning of the film he is being interrogated by another Blade Runner looking to find the four replicants. When he asks Leon to give any thoughts about his mother, you suddenly hear a gun shot from off screen. He angrily responds by shooting him, almost killing him. He thinks of his three other replicant friends as the closest thing he has to a family, and will do anything to defend them. When Deckard and Roy have their final faceoff, all of Roy’s friends have been taken out at this point. Pris was just killed by Deckard and we are given a close up of Roy crying over her body, saying her name softly. He feels great anger toward the Blade Runner who had killed all of those that he loves. Deckard loses his gun and is completely defenseless, and Roy begins to toy with him trying to make him suffer for what he has done. The replicant has only little bit

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