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Since ancient times, the concept of memory has been looked upon as an important element in humans. In those centuries, it was attributed to higher beings, such as the ancient Greeks explaining the idea with their goddess, Mnemosyne, with a part of her very name, mneme, meaning memory in the language. Other connected etymological themes with the term include remembrance, mindful, and historical account, as well as anxious, as many memories can have an emotional weight. The connection between memory and emotions have been studied throughout the centuries with there being a strong correlation, that is, that one influences the other, both positively and negatively. An effect from arousal can occur in both short-term and long-term memory, with…show more content…
Information in the long-term memory storage can be remembered for long periods of time, perhaps even for one’s lifetime, where the capacity is thus far considered limitless. There are two theories in terms of the storing of information into long-term memory, including the process of a sequence previously mentioned, with there also being a theory that all of the types are independent systems who can function in parallel, known as the Parallel Distributed Processing Model. Long-term memory is often separated into two main types of explicit, information that is consciously remembered, and implicit memory, information that is unconsciously remembered. Both of the types can be further split, with explicit memory including episodic memory, involving events or experiences, and semantic memory, memory involving concepts or facts, and with implicit memory including procedural memory which is involved in remembering tasks and skills. It is generally agreed upon that the more the information or memory is revised, the stronger it becomes and the easier it is to remember, with the ability to recall it on demand

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