Taco Bell Case Study

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Background Taco Bell Corporation has been advised that a special interest group based in Washington, D.C., known as “Friends of the Earth” will run a story reporting their findings regarding a questionable corn ingredient known as Starlink in the Washington Post on Monday, September 18th with a press conference to follow. The report specifically targets taco shells sold by Kraft Foods, Inc. Taco Bell taco shells sold in grocery stores by Kraft may be in question for containing a corn ingredient which is unapproved for human consumption. The following is a list of key facts known at this point: • Taco Bell and Kraft Foods entered into a license agreement to manufacture and distribute Taco Bell branded taco shells in grocery stores nationwide…show more content…
Develop a marketing plan to assuage consumer fears. In addition to the CEO media appearances, it will be essential to roll out a series of messages denouncing the use of unapproved genetically modified foods in all Taco Bell products. This will not only allay the fears of consumers, but will also show our franchise owners that we are supporting them during this crisis. (Action – VP of Marketing) 5. Meet with shareholders and franchise owners. Communication is essential for both shareholder confidence and franchisee support. A should meeting be scheduled as quickly as possible to let everyone know what is going on and our plans moving forward. As details and messages are developed, they should be shared often so both shareholders and franchise owners are kept abreast of the situation. (Action – CEO) 6. Assemble a Genetically Modified Food (GMF) Task Force. The GMF task force will work closely with the FDA, EPA, USDA and other food regulatory organizations to understand the implications and issues affecting genetically modified foods. They will research and report on upcoming issues, latest news and breakthroughs regarding genetically modified food production and consumption. (Action – VP of Government

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