The Pros And Cons Of Texting And Driving

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Distracted driving most likely leads to killing oneself or others because cell phones create a distraction, even with hands free technology, and multitasking such as eating and drinking leads to distactions. It has been proven threw test that texting while driving can be more deadly than drinking and driving. Test also show that a drivers braking distance are much worse when the driver is texting than when the driver is drunk. “The US Department of Transportation identifies texting as the most dangerous driver distraction, leading drivers to take their eyes off the roads, hands off the wheel, and minds off the task of driving” (Petrie 1). Laws alone are not enough to deter distracted driving. Laws differ in each state for texting and driving under…show more content…
There are different distractions other than talking such as internet searches, playing games, which take your focus off the driving. Car and driver magazine conducted a test between drunk driving, texting and reading emails. The drunk driver when he braked ended four feet passed the line. The man reading the email who was not drunk traveled 36 feet beyond the line and seventy feet when he was texting. Threw studies and testing texting, talking, or any use of a cell phone is more dangerous than driving under the influence and the laws should be changed to give stricter fines and punishment for cellphone use as the penalties for drunk driving or driving under the influence. Studies show that when the driver is using either handsfree or handheld phone usage it still makes the drivers performance bad in hazardous ways. Facts and data collected show a rise in accidents for drivers for people operated cars using a phone in your hand or bluetooth technology. The simple act of talking on the phone is a distraction because it takes your attention off the road. Laws should ban cell phone use especially for teens. Whether you use handheld or hands free technology still leads to a

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