Essay Summary: A Girl Who Asked Why?

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A Girl Who Asked Why Girls were taught to cook, clean, take care of the family, and then married off. School was not an option for girl. Studying was off-limits to girls. There was a girl who lived in a patriarchal society ruled by a King. Unlike the other girls she was very different and didn't let men dominate her. She was a curious person with a lot of questions in her mind. When she was little, her mum wanted her to learn how to cook. The girl asked her mum, "Why do I need to learn how to cook?" The mum replied, "So that you can feed yourself." "Fair enough" The girl said and then proceeded to learn how to cook. Sometime later, her mum wanted to teach her household chores. The girl asked, "Why?", again. the mum replied "So that you can be self-dependent, so that…show more content…
After a lot of thought, everyone agreed that the girl was the smartest in the university. So, the girl was sent to the scholars conference. When the girl reached the place where the meeting was going to be held, she noticed a large number of men, but hardly any women among the chosen people. She went and took and her seat. Suddenly, there was huge choas - people in the audience were staring at her. "A woman, who thinks she can sit with the group? The King "Ridiculous!" Someone screamed. "Look at how provoking her clothes are. She is definitely not a respectable women with a good reputation." stated another man. Everybody looked at the king to fix the problem. "Girl, there is some misunderstanding. A woman can't sit with the group unless she is with a man." "Excuse me but I was invited to join the discussion." The girl said "I don't remember inviting you." said the King. "You sent a invitation for the smartest student in my university. I am the smartest in my university. There was nothing on the invite about only male students being allowed." The girl

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