Sri Murugha Sharanaru

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Social development which means human development. A social reformer is anyone who advocates for reform of a certain area of society. "Crusader" and "Meliorist" are used as general synonyms for social reformers. Similarly we may observe one of the social reformers in Chitradurga, of Karnataka state. The world famous ‘Sri Murugha Math’. Dr. Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru is the present president of the Math, The purpose of this Sangama is to find solutions to the contemporary problems of society and to know how best we can adopt these preaching’s in our daily life. Sharanaru thinking about equality, liberty, concepts. . He give a suggestions to politicians about development works of society. Like drinking water, housing, self employment, education,…show more content…
Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru is the present president of the Math, Who was coronated in the Holy throne on 31st January, 1991, as successor of Sri Mallikarjuna Murugharajendra Swamiji. Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru was born on 11th April, 1958, in a village called Godabanahal, near Chitradurga. He did his education in Chitradurga and completed his graduation here only from the University of Mysore. Basically they thinking & action includes the eradication about burning social problems, like child marriage, caste system, removal of inequality and poverty, discontinuing the practice of blind beliefs, avoiding the environmental pollution while implementing development projects, helping the workers and farmers, arranging the protection for the orphan children, abode for old age people, elimination of bad habits and drug addiction, anti dowry program, widow and inter caste marriages, so and…show more content…
Sharanaru fellow of birds & animals. We may observe so many birds living in Math, different birds immigrate from various places. The Math suitable place to birds for the continuity of its generation. No disturbance to birds in Math water, food, protection, available here from blessing of Sharanaru. We may observe Sharana’s love on birds through statue birds in divine park [Murugha Vana]. Animals also friends to Sharanaru dears, elephants, cows, etc..also living in Math. Sharanaru spend his leisure time with animals and birds. In divine park fill by different wild animals, statue are attracted the devotees and visitors. It is one of the entertainment park and gives information about growth of human being and civilization to us. So this one of the achievement of

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