The Pros And Cons Of Space Exploration

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Sixty years, this is how long that NASA has been helping people notice the earth and galaxies in a whole other way. Over these 60 years, NASA has created better technology, consumer products and over these years. All of these creation have impacted earth in a positive way to help or ecosystem and a new way people can accomplish goals. Without the space program people would never be as far advanced in every item we do here in the US and on earth. With NASA’s research we could find better resources, and find new galaxies like ours with another planet just like earth, then people could send others and help with the overpopulation problems on earth. Space travel takes an abundance of research, but how does that cause problems in space travel its does in many ways. At the international space station help find vacancies and research to cure some diseases. Astronauts aren't just up there to study…show more content…
The other 93 percent of his genes quickly returned to normal.”(Howell 1) That’s not all that affected Scott he had also “The researchers also saw that spaceflight is linked to nutrient shifts, oxygen deprivation stress and more inflammation. They gathered the evidence after looking at "large numbers" of proteins (chains of amino acids), cytokines (substances secreted by cells in the immune system) and metabolites (substances related to metabolism) in Scott's body.”(Howell, Elizabeth) These are just a few of the negatives and how space exploration affects the human body but there were no neurological
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