The Pros And Cons Of Social Networking

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Social networking sites are used by over seventy-six percent of the adults in America (“Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society 1”). The first social networking site was created in 1997 (“Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society 1”). On a daily basis many people post on social networking sites for the fun of it. For a person, networking sites can be dangerous and may become an addiction or a sensation to people too. These social networking sites are being used by companies and colleges as a new type of background check. Colleges and businesses should be allowed to use social networking sites to check background information of their recruitments before allowing them to be part of the job or college. Social networking sites can…show more content…
Conversely, with social networking sites are becoming more popular and more popular every year, cyberbullying also becomes a bigger issue every year too. With everyone on social media, they can stick up for the victim getting bullied and show the bully there is more to life than being a bully to a person. Eighty-four point two percent of students who have been cyberbullied has been on the social media site Facebook (“Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society 1”). When colleges and businesses use social media to observe if they should recruit a person they would know not to hire the person if they noticed any cyberbullying going on and that person could suddenly be punished. In the world over a billion people use Facebook on a daily basis (“Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society 1”). As everyone uses Facebook they can detect and stop the atrocious posts and comments that are going on within the media. In the final analysis, these are the three reasons are reasons why social networking sites should be used when considering a individual for a job or
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