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Granular Computing Kugathasan Shanjeeva 13440633 Abstract: Granular Computing is an emerging computing model of problem solving and information processing. The main concept behind the development of ‘Granular Computing’ is to develop machine-oriented studies based on the ‘way of human thinking’. With multiple levels of granularity, it is possible to identify, examine and formalize a collection of principles, strategies and methods that are commonly used by humans in daily problem solving. Then this is used to human-oriented solutions development using computers. This review paper provides a clear description about ‘Granular Computing’ and its’ concepts. Also this paper includes the descriptions about the research…show more content…
Granular Computing enables the truthful representation of real world because many of the natural systems are organized in to levels [1]. Also Granular Computing is consistent with human thinking and problem solving, because it is based significantly on levels of granularity and change between granularities. Another important capability of Granular Computing is that it helps to simplify the problems because of its’ multiple level representation. Another importance is that, it can help to develop lower cost solutions simply because some information can be ignored when a problem is concerned at multiple levels of granularity [12]. Therefore according to above reasons, it is obvious that the Granular Computing is a very important field of study. There have been many researches done on the model of Granular Computing with relation to several other fields. The ‘Triarchic Theory of Granular Computing’ is a main research done on Granular Computing. Also ‘Granular Computing for Data Mining’ is another main research area. Also ‘Granular Computing for Artificial intelligence’, ‘Granular Reasoning for the Web Intelligence’, ‘Perspectives of Granular Computing in Software Engineering’ are some of the other important researches. With these researches, Granular Computing has got lot of attention from people in different areas. In the future it will be used in many areas and will provide solutions to lots of prevailing problems…show more content…
Future direction of Granular Computing When we consider about the current trends in Granular Computing it can be understood that Granular Computing has achieved more and more attention of different persons from different subject areas recently. So it is obvious that this field will have a very bright future [5]. However Prof. Yiyu (Y.Y.) Yao, who is one of the pioneers of Granular Computing, thinks that some work has to be done to achieve a steady growth [7]. First, a balanced approach should be there considering all the three perspectives Philosophy, Methodology and Computation. Second, it is needed to emphasize the necessity for variations. Third, it is needed to deal with with other different areas in order to observe their commonalities and to use them for granular computing. Forth, it is needed to shift from machine-centered approaches to human-centered approaches. Fifth, it is needed to move beyond the current rough sets and fuzzy sets dominated research agenda [5, 7]. According to Prof. Yiyu (Y.Y.) Yao, by doing these things Granular Computing will become one of the major field in future. 6. Discussion When we consider about Granular Computing, it is a new and emerging subject area. It is not restricted to a one area of study. It is rather a concept that can be applied to many other

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