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iwa Design Pte Ltd – Performance Management iwa Design Pte Ltd was identified as the reference organisation and her performance management system specifically in the areas of appraisal system will be reviewed and discussed in this report. Background of iwa Design iwa Design Pte Ltd is a locally based family run small medium enterprise that was founded by her Chairman in 1986 which specializes in interior fit-outs and design consultancy and provides comprehensive range of turnkey fit-out solutions to our retail and commercial clients. iwa Design was solely managed and run by her founder Mr Lim since 1986 whom possesses traditional mind-set and methods in dealing with daily operation and human resource matters. Therefore appraisal system was…show more content…
Entitlements given were not encouraged to use, therefore leads to imbalance of work-life balance. Evaluation of iwa Design Performance Management System The performance management evaluation below are made reference to the above issues identified. Strategic and Contextual Congruence Strategic direction was not announced to the employees therefore alignment of individual and departmental goals were not met. Thoroughness and Practicality There is an off-balance employee evaluation due to cases such as subordinate reports to more than one manager and therefore cause confusion in employees which indirectly affects the morale. Job role and descriptions were not demarcated clearly often leads to overlapping of roles between employees hence few take pride and ownership in their role that indirectly affects the overall productivity of the organisation. Performance appraisal was conducted wrongly as line managers were not trained and often the appraisal session were not properly conducted. Appraisal session in the organisation are deem as fault finding session as only negative feedbacks were discussed. In addition, improvement plans were not mentioned as a result of lack of skills of the line manager conducting the appraisal. Employee’s resignation are usually expected at the end of each appraisal…show more content…
Identify and prioritize the particular challenges iwa Design is currently facing - To convince the top and line management the impact of not having formal performance management process and its ability to achieve its objects and results. - In order to do so, require collective wisdom of line managers and HR managers to produce a proposal and implementation process. 2. Identify objective for implementation of performance management - Objectives should relate to the challenges identified and iwa design’s goal and strategy for the year and subsequent years. Each objective should have a stipulated dateline to ensure that Company goal has been attained. - Objectives enable iwa Design to measure the success of the implementation of performance management practices. 3. To layout the key objectives of Performance Management processes. a. Goal Alignment – Align individual goals and values with the overall goals and values of iwa Design. HR and line manager have to develop interdepartmental goal that create a lower platform for subordinates to achieve in order to meet vision of iwa Design. This also allow subordinates to create their individual goal with the assistance of line manager in order to meet the departmental goal at the end of each year. With the guide of SMART goals that assist both line manager and subordinates to ensure that goal setting will be specific and relevant to one job grade, measureable, achievable within one financial

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