The Pros And Cons Of Racism

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Racism is a huge problem now and in the past, and it all has to do with the fact that most people want to be around someone who is like them. So it's really of a form of discrimination. For example, if there were a soccer player and a football player the player, the football player will look to see problems or fault in the soccer player game or just the player as person. So the soccer player will do the same to the football player, because we are humans and that's what we do. The same thing will happen with blacks, whites, mexicans and any other race, just to find things wrong with them. This is what causes racism, just as someone who is seen as well like will do to people who are seen as not well liked by most people find faults in the liked…show more content…
So racism is cause by the “system” or just society changes the way we identify ourselves. We had jim crow laws in the past and today we don't but we still have hangs done by many groups of the blacks and others, but racism isn't seen as truth as it was in most of the US, or in many other countries but there are some countries in africa who will kill any white man seen in the country. Its done by just the whites or any other but in the US it's seen just as a white thing because of jim crow laws and the fact of slavery was widely accepted in the states which doesnt help any for the whites as hole but it still happens on both sides. Coming from a very racism part of the country i have seen towns which are 90% black and towns which have 2 or 3 black families in the hole town. This is apart to segasion in the south for many years, do to racism, I have also heard stories from first hand accounts say that some towns were so racist that when the off chances that a black kid yankee would move in and the kid would join the football team that they would break their legs or blow out there knees just to show that they weren't welcome

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