The Pros And Cons Of Racism In America

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what’s going on, but we are seeing it a lot. Is it because it is happening more, is it because the media is covering it more, is it because there is this pent up frustration that has never been handled as it should have been handled in times past, all those things at the same time, I’m not sure, but you can’t deny this, it is a big problem that is part of our national conscience right now. So there appears to be a problem in America right now that we are dealing with at a pace and at a size that we haven’t dealt with for over 40 years. And before we go down the long road of what is wrong in America, why is this happening in America, I want to be clear about that the fact that it is not just an American problem. Racism is a human race problem,…show more content…
And if you read the names of these seven men, these seven men are of different races and different ethnicities. Now they could have done what America has done in the past, what the world is currently doing. They could have murdered all the Greek widows. They could have enslaved them, they could have ostracized them. They could have started telling jokes about how many Greek widows does it take to get a slice of bread. Now if you’re laughing you have a problem, but we are going to work on that problem. They knew that this could not continue, so they stopped church, they picked some people to take care of it and they moved on. But if you think about it there is racism in America, there is racism in the world, there is racism in the church and the church doesn't seem to be as attentive to the issue as it was in the beginning. What is the church’s response to racism? I believe the best teaching on the topic is in the book of John. The story of the Samaritan woman is the heart of Jesus on racism. I want you to know that John is my favorite book; there are so many chapters, so many verses in there that are so special to me. I like John

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