Personal Narrative: My Genogram Project

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At some point in our life we must ask the question “Who am I”. I have always taken pride in my skin color, heritage, and culture. I have never found myself idealizing another group or felt that another group was superior now I know that through the view of society I am in the minority group. I also realize that within my own culture there is a minority and majority group and always strived to be among the majority by carefully picking my surrounding and making sound decisions but also recognizing that reaching out to other groups. Adapting to society aspects and their identity, when in certain situations I realize could become more beneficial to my goals. My genogram project was an interesting journey through my family history it provided me with information that influenced the dynamics, answers and situations I have noticed and observed throughout my life. My mother comes from a family of twelve siblings where she was the second to the youngest. Born in Chattanooga Tennessee she migrated to Michigan with the rest of her older siblings where she met and married my father at the age of 19. She gave birth to me at the age of 21 then my brother and two younger sisters. We were raised on the west side of Detroit in a…show more content…
I learned to resolve conflicts experienced throughout the stages giving me more control and flexibility to recognize the pros, cons, and differences among cultural groups while still trying to eliminate forms of oppression. I feel most strongly connected to my African American identity but also feels that I am more than simply part of that group. Within society, I must deal with not only being an ethnic minority but also being a woman in a white male dominant atmosphere. The Racial/Cultural Identity is the model that is most appropriate for my cultural

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