The Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling

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Stop and frisk falls under the category of racial profiling. This is when individuals are targeted by law enforcement not due to behavior but personal features including race, ethnicity, national origin, and religion. With these characteristics in mind, police authority use this to decide which individuals are to be stopped, questioned or detained. Those targeted are African American males. Stop and frisk is often a controversial search involving a police officer and an individual. The officer would stop and question the individual first. Then the frisk takes place where the officer proceeds to pat down the individual. If the officer suspects mistrust during questioning, or suspicion arises due to a possession of a weapon; the officer may do a more detailed search. This stop and frisk, hinders a person’s liberty for a short period of time. It is different from an arrest which involves…show more content…
If he had not had asthma, a heart condition, and wasn’t obese he would not of died” (). This clearly states that Garner’s condition resulted in his death. William Julius Wilson on Inner City Poverty and Race says, “The cultural explanations of race and poverty are not talked about because of a widespread belief that explanations are blaming the victim” (Wilson, pg 20). This shows that by blaming the victim Officer Pantaleo didn’t want to take responsibility into his own hands, and that Garner’s death was out of his control. “There is plenty of blame to go around, yet we focus on Eric Garner’s choices. Such victim blaming is central to white supremacy” (Patten). It is common for people to blame others when they know that they are wrong. In the book Responsibility for Social Justice Young addresses the rhetoric of personal responsibility, “Encourages an isolated, atomistic way of thinking about individuals. It attempts to isolate an individual and making them blameworthy” (Nussbaum, pg

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