Persuasive Essay On Hydrogen Fuel Cars

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In with the new and out with the old is the common theme throughout technology nowadays. Fuel for modern cars harmfully pollutes the environment so why do we still use it when it dates back to the stone age. Every other piece of technology in cars has progressed to be smarter, safer and sleeker but not the source of its movement, the fuel. Cars were created to suit the travel needs of the people and they still do in the same harmful way as before and with so many cars on the roads steps need to be taken to stop the harm. New technologically advanced fuel sources that are different to fossil fuels have been created like hydrogen fuel cells, electric cars and biodiesel. However, none are still as common as diesel and petrol and this needs to…show more content…
One alternative option is hydrogen fuel cell cars, these cars are as clean and as safe as can be as it utilises a cheap and non-toxic element as fuel this, of course, is hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel cell cars solve many problems as the element is very abundant so it is a renewable fuel source and it isn’t dangerous. Revolutionary is what I see it as this is because it is os simple yet highly effective. It takes hydrogen and mixes it with oxygen to create water, heating electricity to power the car. If that is not genius I do not know what is. However, the car revolution faces a problem, that is support. There are less than 500 of the cars on the road making them expensive but with support and investment they can become commercialised and made cheaper making them more appealing to consumers. If this does happen most people with a green thumb would consider the purchase. This is because the running cost is 17.4 pence per mile compared to the outdated traditional car costing 16.3 pence per mile and as I see it 1.1 pence is not a bad price to pay for contributing to clean air, a healthy environment and a better-kept body. So, hydrogen fuel cell cars are for everyone with a responsibility to the Earth and themselves for a better

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