Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling

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According to the informative text “Traveling while Arab”, Profiling means “A person wearing a beard or a hijab may be questioned about his or her constitutionally protected beliefs and activities even when not suspected of any wrongdoing.” Racial profiling is a form of racism in which police officers or security officials use race, ethnicity or nation origin to identify a suspect or potential threat when stopping and searching people. Proponents of racial profiling say that it is necessary to counter terrorism and reduce crime, others argue that it violates the rights of others. It is also “the use of an individual’s race or ethnicity as a key factor in deciding whether to engage enforcement.” Which involves the government, law enforcement,…show more content…
“As a result, people are less likely to report a crime or work with the police to give information that could apprehend an actual criminal”(Hanley). If a person’s trust is not with the government, they shouldn’t expect the people to work with them by reporting crimes that should be stopped. Racial profiling is a mushy and slothful replacement for actual policing- only taking a few seconds to judge an innocent suspect before proving them guilty. "It never occurred to me that FBI agents or police officers could be attending such community events around the country, in order to record data about congregants' religious activities and the racial, ethnic and national origin of members"(Hanley). The more officers use racial profiling, the less chances of catching a guilty suspect. As they waste all of their valuable time on innocent people, they’ll start failing to recall their real duty as police officers and security. Racial profiling takes their attention from using actual signs of suspicious behavior to effectively judge situations, which can cause the government to be mistrusted. Communities’ perception of the Criminal Justice will contain of biased and unjust judgments toward the government when racial profiling is used. If this idea is used to help catch criminals and reduce crime why has it become a pitiful subject in today’s world? Those who chooses Racial Profiling creates a mindset that supports this idea in a wrongly

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