Descriptive Essay On Snow Driving

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I wake up and I am anxious to hit the trails on my snowmobile. This is the first of four days on a snowmobile trip in Grand Marais, Minnesota. We all wake up and eat breakfast, then start getting ready for the day. Almost all of my family is on this trip and were all very excited to be here because it's all of our first time being in Grand Marais. After everyone has ate breakfast and gotten dressed we head outside for a very eventful day. Before we can start each snowmobile and start the day we do a pre-ride checklist. Everyone checks their snowmobile makes sure everything's good and ready to go. We all unload our sleds and head over across the street to holiday to get gas. After fueling up we hit the local trail that leads to grand portage…show more content…
The trees are a blur as we ride past them, but you can still see all the birds sitting on the branches in the snow. As we are coming out the forest we go down a huge hill down to the side of a crick, as we're going down the hill a massive bald eagle swoops down out of a tree and almost hits us. We stop on the side of the trail to watch the bird, were watching the bird circle then all of a sudden it plummets to the ground and grabs a rabbit off the ground out of the snow and carries it back to its nest. It was legitimately the coolest thing i've seen in my life, it just all happened so fast and it was so cool to watch him grab the rabbit. After this all happened we start to get back to riding and are at the bottom of the hill so we go and look for a spot to play around in off trail. About 2 minutes of looking we find another nice wide open area, so we all start playing in the powder. I start off by going towards this wall of pine trees that has a couple small bushes near it. I'm riding around throwing the snowmobile around and getting covered in cold snow, but I love every minute of doing it. I only get stuck once this time and i am able to get myself

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