Pros And Cons Of Extinct Animals

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The revival of an extinct species has always been a sci-fi dream, yet now scientists are close to reconstructing extinct species from mere leftovers. However, as this technology continues to grow, people are starting to debate whether it is really okay to bring back extinct animals. The movie, Jurassic Park, obviously showed that it was a bad idea and considering the pros and cons of de-extinction, the cons are not really worth it towards our current modern day society. Biotechnology is a huge field within modern day society. The field contains different majors and interests like disease research to de-extinction (or an extinct species revival). The U.S. government and companies around the country pour millions of dollars to fund these researches…show more content…
The very reason of why some animals became extinct was because of us, humans, destroying their homeland. “The passenger pigeon’s previous habitat is utterly transformed, and if humanity does not very quickly and substantially curb greenhouse gas releases, the pigeon’s old homeland will like by completely unrecognizable in less than a century. In practical terms, in the near future in which action is required, extinction is certainly “forever”...” (Text 4, Line 20-21). If biotechnology were to have a breakthrough and recreate extinct animals, it would not really matter because the revived species would not have anywhere to live, like the passenger pigeon’s habitat for example. Even if the revived species do find somewhere to live, the people around the world have to consider other things. “Resurrected, previously benign organisms could become pests in new environments, might prove ideal reservoirs or vectors of nasty plagues or might even harbor dangerous retroviruses in their genomes.” (Text 4, Line 25) These “other things” that the people have to consider include the chance of the extinct species completely destroying our current ecosystem. Although humans will not be in imminent danger (because humans are on top of the food chain), the food we eat and produce could be exposed to the dangers. Extinct animals can also bring and carry foreign diseases that the human population might not have a vaccine or cure to, which could cause to a decrease of the current human population until a cure is

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