The Pros And Cons Of Machines

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With all the changes and modern advances that are developing in today’s society life is becoming easier and easier. But are these machines actually helping or just creating more problems? Today we have many gadgets that are designed to help us but in some ways make our lives more complicated. The natural human nature is to design products and machines to help our lives in any way possible and some of these products have. Yet sometimes these products start to help in the decline of our health and overall being. Machines and modern products are a great convenience in our life but they may also be the reason for our society’s overall decline. First of all, many of the conveniences we have today we don’t even notice. From things like indoor bathrooms to clean running water our lives have been changed massively. Without the…show more content…
But how much do these inventions really help us and what problems are they actually causing? With the invention of cars by Benz in 1885 and Henry Ford with his massive impact on the promotion of gasoline run cars in 1903 automobiles have become a humongous part of our society. Almost everyone in America today owns a car and uses it almost everyday. An average American uses 500 gallons of gas in just a year in their car. With that much gas being used greenhouse emissions are skyrocketing. Cars allow us to get places faster and easier especially if we are driving a long distance. But when people only have to go a mile and still take a car this causes issues. These issues range from gas emissions that could be prevented by walking and traffic. With the invention of cars traffic jams have become very present. If you are only going a short distance why not avoid traffic and just walk? This would save others time and help the environment. Cars and other modes of transportation have revolutionized our world while in the meanwhile also destroyed

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