Pros And Cons Of Aerobics In A Gym Workout

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Which one is better- aerobics or gym workout? If you are in a dilemma whether to choose gym or aerobics then this article is probably for you. First of all we need to understand what exactly constitutes both the options. Aerobics The literal meaning of aerobic is ‘requiring free oxygen’. It refers to the use of oxygen to meet energy demands during exercise. It is a form of physical exercise. It focuses on the betterment of all elements of fitness. It is practiced in a group usually led by a certified instructor. Various routines are performed including dance-like exercises. There are five sessions in a well-balanced aerobic session:- 1) Warm up 2) Cardio 3) muscular strength 4) cool-down 5) stretching and flexibility Pros of doing aerobics …show more content…
Cons of doing aerobics  It can sometimes lead to injuries due to high-impact activities.  This is not an effective approach to build muscles.  It can give rise to a body shape you did not desire for  Weight training option is not available in aerobic exercises Gym workout Gym is slang for ‘fitness center’. It is an indoor facility which dwells exercise equipment like barbells, bench press, dumb bells, hammer strength machine etc. for the purpose of physical fitness. Some facilities and services which we usually find in a gym are:- 1) Workout area It includes free weights and the exercise machines. In most cases, it includes mirrors so that exercisers can monitor proper posture. 2) Cardio area This area includes cardiovascular training equipment such as treadmills etc. 3) Group exercise classes These classes consist of aerobics and high intensity training. Pros of joining a gym  A gym itself offers a wide variety of activities which includes aerobics as well.  It provides a mental motivation which is required when you start a fitness program.  Exercising releases chemicals such as endorphins which creates a feeling of happiness in the

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