Eleanor Of Aquitaine: A Hero Of History

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Eleanor of Aquitaine was a woman of great power and wealth that changed the Feudalist world forever. She lived during the middle ages known for its very harsh feudalism government. Eleanor was the wife of two different kings of Europe King Henry II and King Louis VII. When she became the Duchess of Aquitaine after father’s death she suddenly had the eyes of everyone in Europe on her. Eleanor of Aquitaine was a great hero of history for her work improving the lives of women through encouraging the arts and creating a stable government for her people. Eleanor like her father before her was very interested in the arts and made it very clear at her court in Poitiers. According to Paul Lindenmuth “Eleanor dedicated much of her immense wealth and prestige toward the patronage of rising…show more content…
Eleanor had ten children between her two marriages to King Henry II and King Louis VII. As two of her sons went off to become kings of England and two of her daughter became queens it is understood she had great influence over them. Thanks to this influence the rule of her son, King Richard, was very successful. During his rule when he was away fighting the third crusade he left the kingdom under his mother’s control and, she took care of it well. While in control Eleanor put down a rebellion by her other son John in 1192. When King Richard was captured by Leopold during the crusade Eleanor organized and deliver his ransom. Unfortunately, in 1199, King Richard died of an infected arrow wound leaving the kingdom to his brother John. Due to the terms of the hierarchy of England, John was next in line to become king. Although it is known the Eleanor did not believe him to be fit for the position she still supported him. Eleanor was not only very wise in the way of the ruling but used it to help her sons rule and, making the kingdom strong being a hero behind the

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