Case Study: NIJL Aircraft Docking BV)

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In the year of 1926 NIJL Company was formed. It is basically a steel edifice company and based in Netherlands. At the time of beginning the company was focusing on the steel manufacturing. In the year of 1966 “NIJL Aircraft Docking BV” was founded. NIJL enlarged its services in the aircraft industry. The prime activity of this company is to produce and installs different aircraft products. The company has huge fame and reputation in all over the world regarding its ground handling equipments and docking mechanisms. The company supplies normal products for aircraft’s different access points and customize stands. It also provides different docking mechanisms which fulfill the requirements of the consumers. Services of NIJL are, GSE FRS…show more content…
The management knows how to deliver proper solutions for clients access needs. NIJL is supplying equipments to various renowned airline companies like ‘Lufthansa’, ‘British Airways’, ‘Asiana Airline’, ‘Qantas’ etc. According to the management of Lufthansa, NIJL has the ability to supply outstanding services. At present NIJL has a branch office in Dubai, United Arab Emirate. The prime purpose of this branch is to set up new markets in the Middle East region. For operating the business in Middle East the management of the company needs to sign an agreement with third parties those who are aware of the local market strength and business environmental background. At present situation Middle East branch has the duty to collect the requirements of the clients and report these to headquarter. The company has took an initiative to expand its services in below mentioned nations,  Saudi Arabia  UAE  Qatar  Oman  Bahrain  Kuwait  Syria  Jordan  Iran …show more content…
The vision statement for NIJL Aircraft Docking BV has been given below “NIJL Aircraft Docking BV endeavors to offer the clients with the highest standard of State of Art Technology continuously so that the partners should get excellent quality products for mitigating the slightest loss. “ Mission Mission is considered as the short term goals of the company for maintain sustainability of the business. The mission statement of the NIJL Aircraft Docking BV has been given below “To provide the clients with the excellent quality products with the paint of expertise technology and to maintain high standards of the products delivered with safe access.” Objectives • To provide excellent quality and cost effective products to the clients with safe access. • To create a brand value of the products delivered to the clients. • To become the market leader and increase the market share. • To enable good trade relations with the

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