The Pros And Cons Of Happiness

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Many people spend the majority of their time focusing on how to become happier and how they can maintain that constant level of happiness. What people fail to realize is those negative feelings that they strive to avoid are actually more beneficial than they believe. Modern psychiatry has led people to the conclusion that every­day negative emotions experienced by people fit in to the criteria of psychological illnesses such as depression. In reality, these so called “negative” emotions are in fact not negative. They are actually benefiting people more than society wants us to believe simply because they do not fit into the categories that influence happiness. At times, these negative emotions can be more beneficial to one’s life than a constant euphoric state due to the fact that they create new outlooks on life and motivate people to improve upon what they already have. Because of modern psychiatry and people subjecting themselves to the lies told to them by society about the impact of negative emotions, many do not realize how beneficial it is to achieve a balance between positive and negative emotions in their lives. These emotions are just as important as happiness due to the realistic outlook on life’s situations and encounters they bring, and the motivation they create for people to…show more content…
One of the leading factors of happiness is the satisfaction one feels with their life and their situation. When a person acts as if they are fully satisfied with their life and consider themselves happy, then they will lose their motivation to strive for bigger and better goals and to improve upon themselves and their live’s. Throughout history, humanity has always had an “urge to find lusher land just over the hill”(Kluger 26). For example, frontiersmen and homesteaders were not satisfied with their life and wanted

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