Singapore Airlines Case Study

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Singapore Airline’s (SIA) position within the industry SIA is a respected airline company internationally renowned for her innovative technology, excellent service and impressive safety flight records. Since 1972, after separation from Malaysian airlines, SIA has been progressively maturing into a leader in global airline industry with almost $12 billion in revenue within the financial year 2012 & 2013. SIA and her subsidiaries, with the mark of “Singapore Girls” are internationally recognized for their impeccable services. SIA employs more than 29,000 individuals with a diverse mix of skills, personalities and attributes. They are either employed in Singapore where the company is based or in as many as 80 different locations throughout the…show more content…
The field has gone through an extreme alter on both the side of demand and supply. Dissimilarity with other industries, the manipulating obliges governing the recent changes do not rely on technological factors nevertheless on developments in the institutional, cultural domains and legal. Institutional and legal feature have clearly influenced the structure of the market and cultural forces have affected dimensional of movability and its characteristic. In the recent years, the looming forms of business models in airways industry are offered in conditions of how the carrier product offering, value-added services, its generate revenues, target customers and revenue sources. The new rivaling and the deregulation interactions between firms and often come out in some adjustment of their own business strategic to the competitor. In airways business models they had distributed in three ways such as Full-service carrier (FSC), Low-cost carrier (LCC) and Charter carrier…show more content…
Firms like LV, Prada and Gucci have run and build sustainable competitive advantage by way of their strong brand name which is not to copy by competitors. Negative publicity or bad reputation can straightaway drive a carrier to collapse thus no airline irk the brunt of bad weather as JetBlue did it in 2007 during Valentine’s day as enormous number of passengers got deserted in the airports for almost eleven hours with around 1600 flights cancelled and with less customer service staff to take into account when system down for the hundreds of stranded passengers Daramaju et al (2007). “Fragile reputation” means that a good reputation can come to naught overnight for carriers as service providers and European Journal of Business. Therefore, department of management should be prepared for urgency to make sure shareholders have maximize wealth and protect customer

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