The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Testing

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Genetic testing is a type of diagnosis tests conducted to examine and analysis genetic vulnerabilities against inherited diseases. It is a DNA testing done in small samples size of body tissue or blood, to identify by detecting signs of disorder found in the protein, genes and chromosomes. Development in genetic testing has taken a leap in medical field, with the ability to measure potential risk of individual getting diseases. The analysis test of DNA has become an important identification tool for paternity and criminal cases. For instance, the prenatal testing enable expectant mother to know whether the unborn baby has any genetic conditions. With this advanced medical technology, individual are able to keep safety precaution to avoid undesirable event. Apart from these, there are varies type of genetic testing available. Firstly, one of the types of genetic testing available in the market is carrier testing. This type of preconception testing provides couple with the information and possible risk of having a child with genetic disorder. It is done though analysis individual who has family’s background history of a specific recessive…show more content…
Prenatal genetic testing provides the parent with information on their decision to terminate the pregnancy process if they are not able to take responsibility of a genetic abnormality child. In situation of late onset disorder, with the information obtain from genetic test, a change in lifestyle and eating habit might in turn increase life span of an individuals. Genetic testing give individual a peace of mind as it provide Informations of knowing the chances of contracting a genetic diseases and preparation for the future before the genetic disease strikes. Hence, seeking early treatment for the disease could have save your life by clarifying cancer
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