The Possibility Of Evil 'And Forgiveness In Families'

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While reading stories readers tend to compare and contrast characters, several times they will find that some characters share the same morals, life styles, etc, and other times the will find that characters are complete opposite. The short story "The Possibility of Evil" is written by Shirley Jackson. "Forgiveness in Families" is written by Alice Munro. The "Possibility of Evil" revolves around Miss. Strangeworth. Miss.Strangeworth lives in a town that appears to be perfect, but as the story proceeds, the citizens of the town are revealed to have several problems, and may even have signs of evil. Miss.Strangeworth wants to prevent the town from having citizens that are evil,so she writes anonymous letters to residents of the town, and informs them what they are doing wrong. "Forgiveness in Families" is about Cameron and Valerie. They are just like any typical siblings, but Valerie has a had a hatred…show more content…
As they grew into adults Valerie grew into a respectable conventional person, while Cameron becomes hippy like, and prefers going to the movies, instead of working, so this makes him unstable, and he couldn't keep many jobs. Although Shirley Jackson, and Alice Munro may argue Cameron and Valerie are perfect examples of character foils. Although they do have some similarities, there differences as characters are so much more obvious to readers of the stories. Some people are very liked, and loved, and take great initiative in everything they do while others may be seen as evil, and very lazy. Sometimes how much initiative a person has affects if a lot of people will associate with them, and who associates with them. According to Valerie, Cameron is the equivalent of evil to her,as he does nothing all day, and had many luxuries as they were growing up. He

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