Happiness In Into The Wild

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Individuals need to move around, travel, and dream to pursue happiness in their lives. Throughout life, the memories that individuals make and share with others are what accounts for happiness. The fear of dying with regret motivates people to examine their lives. To be happy is feeling pleasure and contentment; a feeling that is rare and lost with mental illness such as depression and anxiety statistically increasing in today’s age. Individuals long to find themselves. Settling down and compromising your happiness for what society pressures you to do is limiting who you are. To prevent society’s restrictions, ideas of how to make life better must be encouraged. The next generation must know what they enjoy and are passionate about. Chris McCandless left his home and life to leave everything he had in order to find himself on his own. Doing so, he went on an adventure to search for his happiness away from predictability. Chris lived off of his own means in Alaska to show to himself what he was capable of. In the novel Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, it suggests that the…show more content…
Things constantly break, become out of style, and are made better, causing the desire for more to never be fulfilled. The items of others will seem more extravagant than you own; leading to jealousy. Instead, do not feel captive to money. It is only a piece of paper, and should not control who you are or what you feel. Chris gave OXFAM, a charity to feed the hungry, twenty-four thousand dollars; his college fund. In the past, Chris helped the homeless and prostitutes by giving them food. Chris did not want extravagant things, as he “believed that wealth was shameful”. The car that Chris drove was old, however he would not accept his parent’s offer for a new vehicle because his car was not broken and worked just fine. Items in your life do not make you happy as it never fulfills longings, however follows society’s

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