Count Of Monte Cristo Justice Essay

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Not everything is in life fair. Everyone has had to deal with situations in which there was some minor form of injustice present. However, not everyone would kill to right the injustice he was faced with. Throughout Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo Edmond Dantès’s obsession with justice leads to suffering and is a pervading topic. Justice obsession that leads to terrible consequences is demonstrated in his arrest and time in Chateau d’If, his character change and time in Paris as the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo, and his repentance and time after leaving Paris with regrets. Obsession with justice is a prevaling topic as Dantès begins his adventure as a character because he lacks it entirely. Upon his arrest and entering…show more content…
The Count of Monte Cristo is very different from Edmond Dantès. He sees himself as a defender of justice who has been called to bless the good and curse the evil. It is revealed that Dantès now thinks he is obligated to fix unfairness and instill justice by his own means. He thinks that he is meant to act as an “angel of Providence” if not as Providence alone (“The Count of Monte Cristo” 2). He considers himself almost a supreme being with incredible power and control, but Satan, too, considered himself as powerful as God, and Satan lost all sense of righteousness altogether (Kashuba 977). Revenge becomes his obsession and love, and it transforms him in other ways than seeing himself as an all powerful defender of justice. He also isolates himself. The Count has nearly no friends or companions. It may be that Mercédès’s betrayal made him lose faith in all relationships. Another difference between the once innocent Dantès and the Count of Monte Cristo is his coldness and harshness. Albert and Franz are astounded and terrified by the Count’s frigid demeanor and radical speech regarding punishment and justice at the execution in Rome (“The Count of Monte Cristo” 10). After his transformation for the sake of justice, the Count of Monte Cristo shares little with his prior self, Edmond

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