Phantom Tollbooth Short Story

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What would you do if you received a Phantom Tollbooth? Would you, like Milo, go though to the lands beyond? “There once was a boy named Milo…” He was always bored and he “regarded the process of seeking knowledge as the greatest waste of time of all.” One day a large package arrived in his room; it was The Phantom Tollbooth. Milo opened the box and read the directions. He really couldn’t go wrong in opening this big box, because the box said “Results are not guaranteed, but if not perfectly satisfied your wasted time will be refunded.” Milo was also given a little car so he could get around wherever he was going. He was now faced with a decision: to either find adventure in “The Lands Beyond,” or to do nothing, like usual, in his room all day. Whether he chose to go on an adventure or sit in…show more content…
During his journey he met an dog named Tock, who stayed with Milo for the entire adventure. Tock was an especially good companion because he hated wasted time and would not tolerate if anyone wasted any time. While in Dictionapolis he met the Humbug was was very strong and could go with him to rescue Rhyme and reason. If he would have stayed in his room he would still be bored, but he interacted with others like demons, King Azaz, the spelling Bee who could spell “anything,”the Mathamagician, and so many more. The second reason Milo should go through the Phantom Tollbooth is he would learn. He would be able to reason and overcome problems, which previously he hadn’t done much. Another reason is in Dictionapolis and Digitopolis he learned about letters, numbers, and words which helped him meet new people and have fun. He went to the land of conclusions, which is where you go when you jump to a conclusion too quickly. If Milo went through the Phantom Tollbooth he would get to learn more about the world around him and how to overcome problems, which was really the whole

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