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In the third chapter by Winks-Neuberger, it talks about how the industrial revolution happened and the reactions or consequences hat happened during the period. They talk about how the industrial revolution was never really completely felt or understood until decades later. This to me was the most important thing about the industrial revolution, that people truly didn’t know they were living in a time of change and renovation that hasn’t been felt ever in human history. The agricultural revolution became a game changer in the fact that people could expect to be able to live somewhat with a notion that they can food. And with the transportation and industrial revolution. Both was able to give people the luxuries that often the rich were the only ones that could enjoy them. Overall this chapter talked about…show more content…
England although still apart of Europe that gave its important and its ideological importance to why the revolution happened. Being not land locked, having political and social strength and having the Americas/ and or their various other colonies is what made England a hotbed for change. Land mass in Europe was most important, with having such the mass that England had in America, most likely you would be able to extract the natural resource from it and be able to plant more things. Although an example of having land, most of it was not plant-able with their climate and not having the political and economic chance of showing if taking risk was possible. In other countries like France, it was still in a process of revolution were they also didn’t want to take the risk. Although England was the hotbed for revolutionizing, it just didn’t do it themselves. America helped out in giving America’s mass and large amount of vast quantities of resources. Generally, England was the best example of the best result of industrial

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