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Phosphorus (P) is an important element on which life depends. It is categorized as a macronutrient because of the relatively large amounts of P required by plants. Phosphorus is one of the nutrients generally added to soils in fertilizers. One of the main roles of P in living organisms is to transfer energy. Organic compounds that contain P are used to transfer energy from one reaction to drive another reaction within cells. Adequate P availability for plants stimulates early plant growth and fastens maturity. (Lowell, 2002) 1.2 THE PHOSPHORUS CYCLE The P cycle is identical to various other mineral nutrient cycles in which phosphorus is present in soils and minerals, living beings and water. Although phosphorus is widely distributed in nature,…show more content…
Phosphates are used for manufacturing of special glasses, sodium lamps, steel production, military applications (incendiary bombs, smoke screenings etc.), and pesticides, toothpaste, detergents, etc. Phosphorus in the Environment Phosphorus is never obtained in its purest form in the environment; rather it is extracted as rock phosphate and then further processed to put in to several uses. Phosphate consists of phosphorus atom bonded to four oxygen atoms. It is mostly found in minerals as phosphate ion (PO43-), or as organophosphate in which the organic molecules are attached to one, two or three oxygen atoms. The quantity of phosphorus in food present naturally may vary from 370 mg/100 g or low. The phosphorus rich food items are tuna, salmon, turkey, chicken, egg and cheese. 1.4.2 EFFECTS OF PHOSPHORUS Health Effects of Phosphorus Phosphorus is an important part of human body as it is a part of DNA material and also a part of energy distribution system inside the body. It has been recommended that 800mg/day is the minimum dietary requirement of phosphate. Nowadays, phosphate is also added to several food items such as ham, cheese and

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