The Other Wes Moore Analysis

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In the following passage from The Other Wes Moore, author Wes Moore uses imagery and word choice to highlight the influence of Tony, the other Wes Moore’s brother, on the other Wes Moore’s actions and behavior during conflict. The imagery that author Moore uses helps to signify the strength and aggressiveness of the other Wes’s reaction to being beaten up. After a burly teenager named Ray mercilessly beats up Wes for sleeping with a girl, Wes immediately acts by going back inside and grabbing his gun. Author Moore uses intense imagery to suggest the wave of emotions that Wes feels as he makes his way back outside. According to Moore, “Wes could only see red. He was blind with rage” (104). This description helps to depict the violent nature of Wes and his possible consequential actions. Suggesting that the other Wes was “blind with rage” implies that he could not think straight as anger and fury is the only aspect that has taken over his mind. It also suggests that the possible actions of Wes would be ruled by his emotions alone, rather than that of logical thought. Just like the imagery that author Moore uses to show Wes's emotions is also highlighted in the message that Wes chooses to remember; “leave a message” (104). His single thought shows that, in his anger, he is going to fulfill the…show more content…
This advice that Tony gives Wes is a prime example of how Tony impacts Wes’s behavior. In Wes’s life, Tony is the one responsible for providing him with training and showing Wes the ways of violence. In fact, Tony believes that “his mission as

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