Motifs And Archetypal Symbols In The Prestige

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There are many motifs and archetypal symbols throughout the whole movie of The Prestige. One of the most astonishing motifs Christopher Nolan put into the movie was the Bird Cage motif. It explained the 3 parts of the magic trick. The first part of the movie was brought out as The Pledge. This is where they show something normal where the audience don’t suspect anything. Then there was The Turn, This is basically the most of the movie. Now this is where something normal changes into something humanly impossible. Lastly there was The Prestige, it is where the movie comes to a conclusion, the denouement. In the beginning of the movie Cutter explained the 3 parts to a magic trick. These 3 parts were incorporated into the movie by Nolan. First was the Pledge, Angier and his wife was having a happy life by having a job that they love with no problems financially. The first magic trick they do was successful with no mistakes, in other words it was flawless. The performance consisted of three performers. Two of the performers were secretly in the crowd and tricked the audience that they tied real knots on the performer. The performer was tied on her hands and…show more content…
The second time Angier’s wife does the trick she drowns because she couldn’t escape. Angier knew that it was Borden fault and sunk into the journey of revenge. Something else also happened during the turn of the movie, Angier has bought The Machine. It can duplicate anything, in other words real magic. When Angier was doing his act Borden snuck down under the stage to see how the trick was done, one of the Angier was sent under the stage into a trapped water tank. Cutter knew something was suspicious and went down too. He saw Borden looking at Angier drowning. This ultimately sent Borden to jail and hang but Angier was still alive because the Angier that Borden witnessed dying, was but a copy of

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