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Chico Mendes. Chico Mendes stated, “At first I thought I was fighting to save rubber trees, then I thought I was fighting to save the Amazon Rain Forest. Now I realize I am fighting for humanity.” Chico Mendes raised awareness in Brazil due to the injustice his family and community faced by rubber barons, who took control of the Rain Forest territories. Chico Medes was a social and environmental warrior who defended Brazilian Rubber Tappers (Encyclopedia). Born December 15, 1944 in Brazil, Chico Mendes struggled for survival as an adolescent. Being the eldest of 17 children complicated his life, due to the support he had to provide within his family. Mendes’ family lived in extreme poverty. In order to survive, everyone contributed to the necessities at home. Bearing clubbed feet didn’t impede Mendes’…show more content…
His death was brutal, after all the good causes he achieved in favor of the rubber tappers. Echoing around the word, the shot fired by a rancher named Darly Alves da Silva, left Chico Mendes dead right outside his house in December 22, 1988. He was not the only activist killed by ranchers, another 14 had been killed as well. While the other activist’s deaths had not been acknowledge, his raised recognition among other activists and the community. Approximately 1000 people attended his funeral. Through publicity, the Brazilian government was touched by seeing the world honor Chico. In effect the Brazilian government decided to seek the killer. After all, the government’s hard work gave fruits by capturing Mende’s killer. The killer payed for Mendes’ death, by going to prison. After his death an organization under his name was made in order to protect and impede the deforestation of the rain forest. Unworthy for a person like him, Chico’s death was memorable among the Brazilian community and the people around the world

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