Objectification Of Women

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The Objectification of Women Have you ever turned on the radio and heard that the lyrics were degrading towards women? This is very common in our society.One of the largest influence there are on women and young girls is the media. The media enforces body images that are acceptable to society, as well as clothes, make-up, and other materialistic things.There are people, advertisers, who spend loads of money on psychological research to find out their main target groups and how to grab their attention, and what they have learned is that young women from ages 15 to 30 are the prime target because over 80 percent of all consumer products are purchased by women in this age group. The way they grab their attention is by utilizing women in a sexist…show more content…
Advertisement is the base of media, they sell images, values, and what in every season. Whether we realise it or not,advertising is everywhere,written or commercial, shaping our culture before our eyes.There are certain perfume advertisements that have caught my eye because I feel they have nothing to do with the product. The ads all had half naked women, as well as men, but the men were dressed. It made absolutely no sense to me, but hey, whatever sells the product right? The standard Barbie-doll proportions of body image is what is considered beautiful in today’s media which has resulted in devastating effects on adolescent women.The images displayed of women who have long beautiful legs, thin waist lines and smooth flawless skin are very hard to ignore. Even though the models already have perfect bodies they are photoshopped to create an even more ridiculous image of women, to make them look more desirable.Throughout history the female body has been on display as a selling tool to encourage people into buying that new fancy car or the latest new appliance that can make their everyday lives easier.A lot of those advertisment are directed towards men most of the time,to encourage them to buy the new cologne, or body wash so that they can attract…show more content…
Women are degraded in almost all types of genre music but there is one genre that basically revolves around putting down women, rap. It is really sad because rap used to be really beautiful, it used to be a way for artist to express themselves freely over issues that they are dealing with.But rap music has become more sexualized and degrading towards women over the years. Rap has been criticized so many times for this reason, and that is because rap is one of the most popular genres of music for the younger generations.But not many people realize the degrading lyrics that are blaring through their speakers because its covered with a catchy,enjoyable, beats, and its really unfortunate. Because rap is so popular,and songs are made everyday by different artists, they are rapidly being able to influence the young adolescents on how to view, and treat women.And as these children buy the albums, really listen to the lyrics, and would think that that is the way to be like their idols, by doing what they rap about, degrading women. But it does not stop there,there are also female rapper who degrade themselves so that they can ‘make it’ in the industry,because otherwise they would not be able to make it. They basically have to sell their body so that they can be noticed, while male rappers rap about women,and practically anything that does not have to make sense but as long as they have that

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