Cinematic Techniques Used In The Novel 'The Will To Live'

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Life of Pi Essay The novel and film Life of Pi contains many themes in it but the theme that this book and film capture most effectively is The Will to Live. The book and film effectively prove the theme by using symbolism. Characterization also plays an important role in proving the theme. Cinematic Techniques are used as well to prove that The Will to Live is the essential theme in the book and film. The film and novel Life of Pi effectively capture the theme of The Will to Live by their effective use of Symbolism, Characterization, and Cinematic Techniques. The book Life of Pi displays symbolism using the color orange. Shortly after Pi falls into the ocean and is swimming, he says that the ocean is “black and cold and in rage” (Martel 117). As you can see, it’s almost impossible to survive in an ocean like that but he gets on the life boat and survives. After he is safe on the life boat, he says “if it hadn’t been…show more content…
In the novel Pi had to change his nature just to live and to survive. Shortly after the sinking of the Tsimsum, Pi had to start killing fish and turtles. That was a lot for Pi to handle and after he killed his first fish; Pi thought that he “was now a killer. [He] was now guilty as Cain” (Martel 231). Pi had to change his nature as a life time vegetarian to a fish killing animal. He had to give up his life style just because he had the will to live and he had no choice because he was running out of food. In the film, Pi is shown very upset about changing his nature and it is shown by the effective use of the camera angle. While killing the flying fish in the movie, the camera zooms in and shows Pi weeping out loud and it makes you feel that this is probably the first and last living thing that Pi will kill but later on, you see him happily killing all sorts of turtles and fish. This shows Pi had to change for good to survive and it’s pretty sad that a lifelong vegetarian had to turn into a

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